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an image with the words, what you need to know about a virgo they get annoyed easily and are usually right about a lot of things
1.) I only get annoyed with stupid, rude, or just annoying people in general... 2.) I am right a lot cause i talk about stuff i know... Which there is a lot of it. And i pay addition. Surprisingly
the quote virgo is written in black on a white background
This is very frustrating
a white poster with the words virgo on it
Yep. And it sucks to be a Cancer at this point
the quote as a virgo, you either say exactly what you are thinking or you remain completely silent
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Yep. If it is a situation that I can't say what I really think, then I will say nothing. I don't change my opinion to fit who I am around.
a quote that says, virgo is the type of person who will aim for the top not for glory, but for a feeling of accomplishment
a white poster with the words virgo against it
I'll ignore or pretend you don't exist ... I don't have the time or energy for games unless you tell me you're looking to get to know me
a quote that reads, did you know? despite their passive nature at times, libra loves taking control romantically this is where they show whose boss
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the words virgos know how to deal with disappointment, better than most and come out stronger on the other side