Rob van Hemert

Rob van Hemert

Rob van Hemert
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Studio Hausen – Shelving System

It's about time the classic string shelf got an update—and this time, it comes with its very own creative spirit. Designed by young Berlin-based label Studio Hausen, the LINK Shelf Setup 1 is display and storage stripped down to the essentials.

Scanwood package redesign by Goodmorning Technology | Denmark

When wood is goodScanwood is Denmark’s largest manufacturer of wooden kitchen utensils, selling their products in Europe and the Middle East. Scanwood wished to communicate the fact that their products are made through an environmentally friendly process…

A Lamp Containing A Self-Sustaining Ecosystem –

All images courtesy of Nui Studio, © ErwinBlock Photography Nui Studio (formerly We Love Eames) has designed a lamp fit for the dim and sun-shielded garden apartments of the world, the living and wo

Now this is a really cool idea, and I love the name "Mug Pub" :-)

A concept for a takeaway beer four-pack that retains the form of the traditional beer pint using recyclable paper cups. Designed by Ivan Maximov for the Russian beer pub chain MUG.

Ecopal / Ecopal is a self-made brand of wood-free colour pencils. Popular and sustainable too PD

Ecopal / Ecopal is a self-made brand of wood-free colour pencils. Celebrating National Pencil Day with a few of my favorite pencil pins.