"Lunar Fruit" Art Print by J.P Ormiston on Society6.

"Lunar Fruit" Art Print by J. Taking something and making it something else is fascinating, taking the moon which inherently has a dull color scheme and slicing it open to reveal the vibrant colors of fruit is an interesting contrast.

paintings by geoffrey johnson

geoffrey johnson (The Jealous Curator)

New Year’s Resolution … spend more time in New York! When I saw these gorgeous oil on wood panel pieces by New York based painter Geoffrey Johnson I kept flipping back and forth between wanting t

Liesl Pfeffer

collage from magazine clippings - graphic design elements & simplicity ***mountain collage with pictures taken, perhaps a travel series


from a series titled “Transitional” by Colombian artist Marcela Cárdenas. Here is her description of this work: “Transitional” arises.


The Missive: by Markus Raetz [for contour line drawing lesson] op art/element and principle lesson

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Pop Culture and Happy Hues Make For Golden Designs

Saatchi Online Artist: Jesùs Leguizamo; Oil, 2012, Painting "The Psyche"

Jesùs Leguizamo – Oil 2012 Painting “Psyche” pinned onto art Board in Art Category