"Today is a good day to have a good day" -- Snoopy and Woodstock having fun on a roller coaster

Cadeautje voor de dochter van mijn vriendin.   Nu een keer geen geld, maar een cadeau pasje voor H&M.

Creatieve inpaktips om cadeautjes in te pakken

Happy Happy Birthday card by Happy Cactus on Postable.com

Label: Start writingSend this lovely card on Postable. Type a message on the site and Postable prints, addresses and mails it out for you. No more licking!

Jarig zijn! Toch maar vieren op 2 oktober a.s.!  www.vivier.nl

"Anniversary celebration is healthy. Research has shown that people who celebrate more birthdays live longer .

Some of people are gifted with being photogenic, others are sadly not. These 30 ridiculously photogenic animals however don't have to worry about that.