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the light bulb is shaped like a hand
Philips Lights You
Philips Lights You by RODAS , via Behance
a woman with a barcode over her mouth and the words property of society on it
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Women and all her body parts, beauty and soul are commodities for consumption.
an old photo of a man with a blindfold on his face, wearing a suit and tie
Marleen Rodiers
an image of a woman laying on top of a giant brain
What’s Wrong With Today’s Society Captured In 102 Brutally Honest Illustrations
It's no secret that our society has its flaws - dependence on technology, taxes, obesity, devaluation of workers - to name a few. Some people may not even want to think about any these problems but illustrator John Holocraft, on the other hand, he looks them straight in the eye and depicts them in a satirical way.
a man is looking at his cellphone while laying on the bed in front of him
7 Ways We're Slowly Becoming Our Phones - LifeHack
How connected do you feel to your mobile device? Have you ever uttered the phrase "I feel naked without my phone?" It's become a modern truism--but are we so attached to our phones that we're actually BECOMING them?
a red and white sign with the words enjoy capitalism on it's bottom corner
culture jamming - Buscar con Google
a black and white photo with words written on the wall
There Is Always A Theory
Existential anti-consumerist #Graffiti Is this what we have become? A four stage life cycle, performed daily for the whole of our adult lives?
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a blue background with the words when the going gets tough, the tough go shopping
Cómo hacer un buen retail therapy y salir feliz y favorecida!
Image by Olivia Steele. ° Lights, Soundtrack, The End, Mood, Mood Board, Vaporwave
Image by Olivia Steele. °
a drawing of three women holding a sign that says sale ends today
19 Times Banksy Made Quite The Statement With His Artwork This Year
Banksy, the world-renowned graffiti artist, social commentator, and political activist has always drawn attention to hot button issues with his satirical street art, and 2015 was no different. Tackling issues from global warming to the refugee crisis, take a moment to appreciate Banksy's art.
a bar code on top of a piece of cardboard with an image of a tree
Print Ads.
Print Ads. by Bassem Sabry, via Behance
a robot sitting at a table with food on it
Two-Thirds Of The Developing World's Jobs Will Be Taken By Robots
Two-Thirds Of The Developing World's Jobs Will Be Taken By Robots, UN Report States -