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a woman standing next to a body of water with the caption you're every place i go, except with me
best friends | ghost children | reflection | black & white | spooky | eerie | friendship | gone, but never forgotten | photo by Niebl Mirella
This made me think of Saki Hanajima (Natsuki Takaya's character from Furuba) Estilo Emo, Emo Clothes, Hot Topic Clothes, Style Indie, White Clothes, Moda Emo, Tokyo Street Fashion, Look Rock, Emo Outfits
I'll Stop Wearing Black When Girls T-Shirt | Hot Topic
This made me think of Saki Hanajima (Natsuki Takaya's character from Furuba)
a ghostly woman standing in the middle of a forest surrounded by trees and fallen branches
Ik ben een kind in het donker. Ik strek mijn handen door de sprei van de nacht uit naar u, Moeder. Tagore, zwervende vogels
two people standing next to each other under a tree
Zander's jovial blog
a black and white photo of a woman's face in water
Darkness within
black and white photograph of a woman's head with her hair blowing in the wind
silence now
a field with the words, myctophilia in white letters on it
Page 5 – The Internet's Most Asked Questions
Toepasselijk ;)
a woman with long hair standing in front of a black and white poster that says the mind is the factor which creates
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"Sometimes you scream in silence..." Uncredited. °
a woman holding a lantern in the water
Zoiets maar dan in de avond, als het donker is (duistere, mysterieuzere sfeer). Met 2en langs elkaar zelfde (statische houden) Kan sterk overkomen met emotieloze blik. maar kan ook gaaf zijn door pure angst of pijn uit te stralen. (zonder lantaarn of iets)