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the bears are all different colors and sizes, but one bear is not very large
two brown bears sitting next to each other in the snow
an animal that is standing in front of a page with information about the different types of animals
a bear and a rabbit are standing in the woods
a drawing of a bear sitting on the ground with its arms crossed and eyes closed
Cuddly Bear
a bear that is standing up with its paws on it's chest and legs
Standing Up Grizzly Bear Black Vector Outline Stock Vector - Illustration of vector, ferocious: 143618841
an image of dinosaurs eating plants in the forest
Joshua Moderwell on X
Joshua Moderwell on Twitter: "@ManticoreFire I would've loved to see Littlefoot and friends all grown up in a new Land Before Time movie, especially Chomper still as a friendly sharptooth living in the Great Valley surviving on fish and protecting his friends from other sharpteeth." / Twitter
a group of bears standing next to each other in front of a sign that says the ursidae family
a drawing of a brown bear sitting on its hind legs and looking at the camera