Schoolplates Colorized Dutch Indies

Kleynenberg schoolplaten 1912 Colorized
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an old painting of men in blue uniforms standing around with horses and carriages behind them
KNIL Bergartillerie
Colorized Kleynenberg schoolplaat 1912 van de Bergartillerie 1890
an oil painting of a man walking through a forest filled with coffee beans and trees
Robusta Koffie
Coloriezed schoolplaat Robusta Koffie tussen de rubberplanten aangelegd.
a group of people standing next to an elephant in the woods
Colorized schoolplaat Kleynenberg 1912 De Olifantenjacht, toen heel gewoon. Er leven nu anno 2019 nog zo'n 2000 van deze Sumatra olifant.
a group of people sitting on top of a floor next to each other in front of a wall
Colorized schoolplaat Kleynenberg 1912
an image of a tropical scene with palm trees and a pool in the foreground
Visch Vijvers Java 1910
Colorized schoolplate of Fish ponds on West Java Island 1910. From the Kleynenberg series of schoolpates 1912 for Dutch primary schools.
an old photo of some people working in a field with a cow and two men
Family Sugar Production Sumatra
Colorized Schoolplate 1912 KLeynenberg Een Indische familie op Sumatra produceert suiker uit suikerriet.
an old painting of people working in a field
Gula Djawa
Colorized schoolplate Sugar cane Suikerriet oogst
a man standing next to a horse drawn carriage on a dirt road with people in the background
Eeuwenoud transport
Colorized schoolplate Karbouwtransport nog steeds in de Archipel gebruikt!
a painting of various fruits and vegetables on the ground with trees in the backgroud
Tropische vruchten
Colorized schoolplate for Dutch schools about the Dutch Indies
an old photo of a boat in the ocean