Polka Dot Cake..so doing this pla for ur birthday! @Raquel Phillips

Polka Dot Cake neat idea for the dessert table. I would do multicoloured polka dots inside but, decorate the outside to look more disturbing/halloweeny.

DIY OLAF Kit-Kat Cake ~ Video

Sometimes you want to make cakes like these themed Kit Kat cakes to stand out of the crowd, and other times you make them to show off your baking skills.

BEACH THEME PARTY | Beach party theme cake | Creative Cakes

Easy Cake Decorating Ideas That Require No Skill - teddy graham beach cake, kit kat cake, melting ice cream cone cake, and a stacked chocolate chip cookie cake!

Tarta fondant --creator noted on bottom of image -- just image, no instructions

25 Pool Party Cakes That Make a Splash!

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