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three different images of the same person with their heads turned to look like they are wearing scarves
(short film) FRAMES OF LENA'S LIFE aka In the Mood of Bach’s Adagio ... fan video with subtitles
a black and white photo with the words yosemite on it
YOSEMITE in Black and White
a man in yellow is standing next to a red sports car with the words casteello cavalcani on it
PRADA presents "CASTELLO CAVALCANTI" by Wes Anderson
a woman in black shirt and shorts diving
AMA - a short film by Julie Gautier
a woman standing on the street with her hands in the air and text that reads, what is reality?
What Is Reality? [Official Film]
a humpback whale swimming in the ocean
Our Planet - Zing Vecht Huil bid - Maaike Ouboter
Our Planet - Zing Vecht Huil bid - Maaike Ouboter - YouTube
a person in a room with a hat on their head and the words disintegration above it
Our entry to the Ryuichi Sakamoto | async International short film competition. Film: Guy Wigmore & Masumi Saito Music: Ryuichi Sakamoto - Disintegration.
an older man with grey hair and glasses
Van dance tot klassiek: Ryuichi Sakamoto is de Japanse Pharrell Williams - Close Up
Componist, muzikant, producer én acteur. De Japanner Ryuichi Sakamoto (1952) is een muzikaal multitalent. De muziek van Bach was de eerste muziek die hij bewonderde, maar de overeenkomsten tussen composities van Bach en de onconventionele geluiden van Sakamoto zijn lastig te vinden.
a man holding up a sign that says the cognitive
"Eye On" Episode 2: The Font | IBM’s Quest To Design The “New Helvetica” The company’s first typeface, called IBM Plex, is free for anyone to use. |
several people are gathered around a table with laptops
KPN - Goeiemoggel (deel 2) Dongel
an aerial view of a city with buildings and tennis courts in the middle of it
Drone film by Mariana Bisti captures Hong Kong's densely packed high-rise buildings | The soaring skyscrapers, manicured gardens and rubbish tips of Hong Kong are all shown in this drone footage shot by architect Mariana Bisti, who aimed to capture the city's "complexities and contradictions". | Video © Mariana Bisti
the inside of a building with a skylight in it's center and lights on either side
La bellezza dell’architettura olivettiana | The beauty of the architecture of Olivetti | SHAPES from Francesco Mattuzzi
two people sitting at a picnic table with beer and bunting flags in the background
Robot & Scarecrow
Robot & Scarecrow | Set amidst the euphoric madness of a summer music festival, Robot & Scarecrow is a uniquely modern fairytale about love. When a robot pop princess flees her keeper she runs straight into the arms of a lonely scarecrow desperate for adventure. They spend an incredible night together, caught in a heady vortex of music and magic.
the shadow of a clock on a wall
I really enjoy observing how light reflects and interacts with every single object it meets. After that, I came up with the concept of visualizing light by using positive and negative spaces. Everything animated in After Effects, except the ball. | Design / Animation: Young Woo | Instructor: Hye Sung Park | Music: Julian Marchal - Insight XX