Refreshing Flavored Water much better for you than soda!

Fruit & Herb Flavored Water

Naturally Flavored Water An easy formula for making your own quick, healthy fruit and herb infused waters in endless varieties. - cute idea for spa "food"

Effortless Weight Loss - Get in Shape With Dr. Oz's Fat Flush Water. This recipe calls for a slice of grapefruit, 1/2 cucumber, tangerine, 2 peppermint leaves, filtered water and ice.

Effortless Weight Loss - Get in Shape With Dr. Oz's Fat Flush Water - DIY &...

Effortless Weight Loss - Get in Shape With Dr. Oz's Fat Flush Water - Fat Flush Water Ingredients, per 1 pitcher Water 1 slice grapefruit 1 tangerine ½ cucumber, sliced 2 peppermint leaves Ice Directions Combine ingredients in a large pitcher.

4 waters to help detoxify, energy and hydration. Put fruit in water and let it sit for 30 min. before drinking.  (1) Lemon. Lime, Orange - digestion, vitamin C, immune defense, heartburn. Drink at room temp. (2) Green tea, Mint, Lime - fat burning, digestion, headaches, congestion. (3) Cucumber, Limes, Lemons - water weight management, bloating, appetite control, hydration, digestion. (4) Strawberry, Kiwi - cardiovascular health, immune system protection, blood sugar regulation, digestion.

Detox Water is primarily used to flush out the toxins and impurities from the body to make it healthy. Detox water is the best way to make the liver clean of the impurities.

I've had one of these at The Melting Pot before... best (alcoholic/non-alcoholic) drink ever!

Delicious- maybe a good signature cocktail.or too girly? blackberries muddled with vodka, lemonade, topped with spriteblackberry fizz mix oz vodka, 5 crushed blackberries, 3 oz lemonade with a spritz of soda water for the perfect Blackberry Fizz

HEET WATER MET VERSE GEMBER.  Verse GEMBER heeft een sterk verjongend effect op je hele lichaam, en gember samen met citroensap is uitermate gezond. Dus schil en snij stuk gember (ter grootte van een stevige duim) in stukken, pers een 1/2 e citroen uit en gooi het sap erbij in die thermoskan. 10 minuten laten trekken en filteren.

5 natural pain relievers: Ginger – Inflammation and Joint Pain Arnica – Injury Capsaicin – Back Pain Oil-pulling (?) – Toothache, Stiff Joints, and Arthritis

Leuke doe het zelf klus met dennenappels. Kijk voor uitleg op:

Spray Painted Pine Cones- during the winter holidays I spray paint pine cones leaves and acorns gold and silver for the mantle and tree (small eye hook for ornament.

Gonna do it, sounds so refreshing

General detox and weight lose booster - water, 1 medium cucumber, 1 lemon, 10 - 12 mint leaves. Steep overnight in fridge and drink every day. Also great for clear skin!

Apple Cider Vinegar

30 Uses for Apple Cider Vinegar. This is just 30 uses of Apple Cider Vinegar for health. When taking vinegar you should use raw with the mother, like Bragg or a comparable brand to get the health benefits. Always add to water before taking.

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