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a birdhouse made out of glass and tile sitting on top of a metal stand
two pieces of art made to look like mosaics with the british flag on them
a decorative glass and metal plate on the floor in a room with white tiles,
a piece of art that looks like a flower with leaves and berries on the petals
a piece of art that has been made to look like leaves and flowers on it
a close up of a bear made out of different types of pieces of wood and paper
an animal made out of mosaic tiles sitting on top of a wooden floor
three birds painted on wooden plates sitting on top of a wood table next to a baby
a mosaic horse head sitting on top of a wooden table
a multicolored animal made out of broken glass
there is a container made out of seashells on top of a countertop
there is a vase made out of seashells and shells on top of a table
an ornament made to look like a cat's head with blue eyes