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two pieces of bread topped with tomatoes and cheese
@raverasara_ m
sushi with avocado and sauce on the side
chicken wings with green peppers and onions on a white plate
Des sushis, dans makis, des californias, du saumon de l’avocat et du riz délicieux. Lunches, Sushi, Food Goals, Cafe Food, Foodie, Food Inspiration
three dumplings in a basket with chopsticks sticking out of the top one
some food is laying out on a tray
Desserts, Food Obsession
a white plate topped with dumplings and chopsticks on top of a table
a white bowl filled with dumplings and noodles on top of a table next to chopsticks
two pieces of bread with tomatoes and greens on them
Matcha, Girl
a bagel sandwich with salmon, lettuce and onions on a wooden board