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the statue is surrounded by white flowers and greenery
Mary's presence blesses the landscape
a garden with lots of plants and flowers on the ground, along with a statue in the middle
Virgin Mary and the Holy Cross in Casa Bethania. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. God has given to the sisters the amazing grace of having this gigant Cross on their garden, where God has made lots of mircales of healing, and liberating people that pray in front of it.
a statue is surrounded by purple flowers
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Virgin Mary statue surrounded by lavender. Found this at Roger's Garden, Newport Beach.
a statue in front of some white flowers
Ave Maria
an outdoor garden with flowers and a fountain
Announcing Our 2015 Catholic Garden Contest Winners
First Place Winner for The Catholic Company's 2015 Catholic Garden Contest
a statue surrounded by flowers and candles
My Lady Beautiful
a garden with flowers and a statue in the middle
Mary's garden after Sandy
a garden with rocks and stones in the shape of a cross on top of it
Announcing Our 2015 Catholic Garden Contest Winners
Fourth Place Winner to The Catholic Company's 2015Catholic Garden Photo Contest
a stone arch with flowers and a surfboard on it in the middle of a yard
Grotto at St. Joseph's in Inez, TX
three young boys are standing in front of a small church with a statue behind them
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