Renzo Storm
Meer ideeën van Renzo

The Colosseum in Rome inspires me because I love the roman architecture. It fascinates me that this building is so well preserved.

Musical theatre is my biggest hobby. I love to see it and i love to do it.

Summertime outfit.

Work outfit with my neutral g-star shoes.

Renee van Wegberg is a dutch musical actress who's brilliant. She followed her dreams and played the role she wanted most: Elphaba in Wicked

Le coq sportif. They are mine but my father likes them to so he wears them most of the time. I like the combination of colors.

Bikkembergs shoes. Nice design but not as comfortable as converse. Bought them 1,5 year ago. My dog does like them!

All my coverse (most of them are all star) sneakers. I have a converse addiction I think. But they are all so cool and comfortable.

My most favorite pair of shoes in my favorite color. I wear them a lot. Bought them 2 years ago in the USA.

Justin Timberlake is an inspiration because of his good music and his classic style of clothing.