I've been here, but not during tulip season. Tulips are my favorite flower, and I'm determined see the beautiful fields of them in the Netherlands someday!

T H E  B U T L E R

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Sinterklaas en Zwarte pieten

Sinterklaas & Zwart Piet December Every year a huge celebration for children and grown ups.

De Nachtwacht. painted by Rembrant van Rijn between 1639 and 1642.  Size 3.63 m x 4.37 m

The Old Dutch Master: Rembrandt van Rijn, the Nightwatch between 1639 and Size is impressive m x m @ the Rijksmuseum

Delfts blauw tullip vase.

This is the famous Tulip Vase Photo - Royal Delft

Kroket.  A croquette is a small fried food roll containing, usually as main ingredients, mashed potatoes  and/or ground meat (veal, beef, chicken, or turkey) vegetables, and soaked white bread, egg, onion, spices and herbs, encased in breadcrumbs. The croquette is usually shaped into a cylinder , and then deep-fried. The croquette (from the French croquer, "to crunch") gained worldwide popularity, both as a delicacy and as a fast food.

Goan Beef Croquettes, the best for any occassion. Try this yummy beef mince filled croquettes with yummy spices. Adjust heat as per your preference.

Klomp - Whole foot clogs make the complete shoe out of wood, such as the familiar Dutch klomp. They are also known as "wooden shoes"

Every person in the Netherlands walks on clogs, that is at least what most of the foreigners think. This is not true, only some farmers still do.