How To Use Large Driftwood In Decor |

Hanging bedside table & 4 other DIY projects. Table made with reclaimed wood and suspended from ceiling with rope. Another DIY is a couch side table made with a log.

Pergola swing bed

Cedar Pergola Swing Bed Stand on Picsity. I could use my existing swing and suspend it from the pergola!

Great Gazebo!

Amazing Gazebo By Matt Parker Can we get some Likes & Comments for such an amazing work

Gorgeous natural plank flooring

Wooden stairs are luxurious and elegant. Check out these 21 wooden stairs designs that are absolutely mesmerizing and inspiring!

Awesome bed

Ohio Luxury Vacation Rentals Hello friends, Introducing… our future beds for our new cabin rentals. We have harvested all the wood right off our estate and will create these one of a kind log…

Fallen tree staircase

unique stairs Stunning spiral staircase made from a fallen cedar tree.


Amazing Tree Staircase in the Tuning House by David Frutos Architecture tree stairs (yes) rest of it (less so)

Natural shelf

This great tree branch bookshelf is created Sebastian Errazuriz. It uses plywood carving to create the look and feel of a real tree brach. The name of this bookshelf is called ‘metamorphosis

Double decker fireplace

Martis Camp Lot No. Two outdoor fireplaces are nestled under deep overhangs for use even during the winter months. The interior side of these outdoor.


Sometimes a sheltered outdoor gazebo gives one the feeling of being outside, yet protected. When the motif is handled with charm and expertise the.