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a wooden table topped with plates and bowls of food next to two black dining chairs
Rex Chair | REX KRALJ
Dining chair, design Niko Kralj, 1956 The story of the Rex furniture collection begins in the 1950s with the Rex foldable chair. Its design incorporates innovation, functionality and beauty. Niko Kralj stretched the boundaries of bent plywood while maintaining a focus on aesthetics, resulting in an indispensable series of furniture that has stood the test of time: the Rex Collection.#armchair #livingroom #furnituredesign #interiordesign #interiors #rexkralj #foldable #chair
a black table sitting on top of a cement floor next to a wall with a towel over it
Rex Small Daybed
Accessory, design Niko Kralj, 1957 The Rex Small Daybed was originally designed for children`s day care centres, to be used for an afternoon nap by little ones. You will not find a Slovenian woman or man who did not grow up with this daybed. Today, the piece continues to serve the same purpose, but it can also be used to display your finest accessories on and comes in handy as a bench. #bed #bedroom #livingroom #furnituredesign #interiordesign #interiors #rexkralj #foldable #daybed
three wooden chairs and a table sitting on top of a white floor next to each other
Rex Coffee Table | REX KRALJ
Coffee table, design Niko Kralj, 1957 The Rex Coffee Table is always there when you need it. Foldable into a flat piece, the table is easy to stow and sturdy when used. Form and function fuse together into a mid-century design with architectural flair. #chair #chairdesign #furnituredesign #interiordesign #interiors #rexkralj #foldable
a wooden chair sitting on top of a hard wood floor next to a black wall
Rex Rocking Chair | REX KRALJ
Rocking chair, design Niko Kralj, 1956 The frivolous member of Rex Kralj’s foldable furniture series. This chair exudes relaxation and comfort, rocking in rhythmic motion at home as well as in working environments.#chair #chairdesign #furnituredesign #interiordesign #interiors #rexkralj #foldable
a man sitting in a chair with his feet up on the floor while using a tablet
Rex Lounge Chair | REX KRALJ
Lounge chair, design Niko Kralj, 1956 A chair that has served generations and the cornerstone of Rex Kralj’s foldable furniture collection. To date, over two million Rex Lounge Chairs have been produced. Niko Kralj`s masterpiece is the ultimate exercise in combining comfort, style and practicality. The back and seat are made of bent plywood, which is cut to allow the wood to bend in curves. #chair #chairdesign #furnituredesign #interiordesign #interiors #rexkralj #foldable