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There are so many Amazing things in the world. Do you even know about a few of them? It's okay. I will share with you some the best of the Amazing things in the world. You will love it, and that's a promise! Please share the posts if you like. I encourage you to post your Amazing Pics! I try not to post any of the copyrighted content. If you have any problems with any of the images, please contact me by sending an email to I will remove it ASAP. Thanks!

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Bucket List - Machu Picchu is a Inca site located metres ft) above sea level. Machu Picchu is located in the Cusco Region of. Machu Picchu, Places Around The World, Around The Worlds, Magic Places, Ultimate Travel, Vacation Spots, Peru Vacation, Vacation Ideas, Travel Around

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Come travel with me! I am a jewelry designer and artist currently living in beautiful southwestern Germany. My other Tumblr blogs: Food photos and recipes: Wedding stuff:...

Travel guide and tourist information on Shillong, Meghalaya. Tourism information on Shillong, history, visitor information, travel advice and city guide on Shillong. Wonderful Places, Beautiful Places, Amazing Things, Amazing Places, Jog Falls, Shillong, Northeast India, Hill Station, Exotic Places

Incredible India @ Cherrapunji , Meghalaya It is the second wettest place on Earth. ♥ ♥ Click Like & share :)

Funny pictures about The Vanish roller coaster in Japan. Oh, and cool pics about The Vanish roller coaster in Japan. Also, The Vanish roller coaster in Japan photos. Oh The Places You'll Go, Places To Travel, Places To Visit, Travel Stuff, Travel Destinations, Dream Vacations, Vacation Spots, Vacation Travel, Summer Travel

Dubai Roller Coaster - the world's fastest roller coaster is at Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi. It does 0-60mph in less than two seconds, uses the type of hydraulic winch that flings jets off aircraft carriers and races round the track at 150mph.

The Gateshead Millennium Bridge is a pedestrian and cyclist tilt bridge spanning the River Tyne in England between Gateshead's Quays arts quarter on the south bank, and the Quayside of Newcastle upon Tyne on the north bank. Gateshead Millennium Bridge, Scary Bridges, Burn Bridges, Newcastle Gateshead, Top 15, Pedestrian Bridge, Suspension Bridge, Around The Worlds, Newcastle England

The Gateshead Millennium Bridge is a pedestrian and cyclist tilt bridge spanning the River Tyne in England between Gateshead's Quays arts quarter on the south bank, and the Quayside of Newcastle upon Tyne on the north bank. The bridge is sometimes referred to as the 'Blinking Eye Bridge' or the 'Winking Eye Bridge' due to its shape and its tilting method.

I wonder what Charles Darwin would have had to say about the Mexican axolotl (Ambystoma mexicanum), a feather-gilled salamander sometimes jokingly referred to as the Darwin fish. The axolotl once s… Cute Endangered Animals, Endangered Species, Ugly Animals, Cute Animals, Ugliest Animals, Strange Animals, Bizarre Animals, Smiling Animals, Exotic Animals

The Mexican Axolotl (pronounced ACK-suh-LAH-tuhl) salamander has the rare trait of retaining its larval features throughout its adult life. This condition, called neoteny, means it keeps its tadpole-like dorsal fin, which runs almost the length of its body, and its feathery external gills, which protrude from the back of its wide head.

big tiger shark in Fij- 2005 Big Tiger, Save The Sharks, Amazing Pics, Amazing Things, Deep Blue Sea, Great White Shark, Shark Week

This is the second biggest tiger shark I have ever seen in Fiji 2005. A 16 foot,1,500 plus pound shark named Scarface. The biggest tiger shark I have ever seen was at Tiger Beach in 2007, the shark was easily 17-18 feet and possibly 2,000 pounds. If left to live out their lives, tiger sharks do get big.

Another poisonous snake is seen in king cobra facts. When you hear the word cobra, you always associate the animal with India. We know that this country is famous with the cobra dancing. Spiders And Snakes, Poisonous Snakes, Scary Snakes, Animals Of The World, Animals And Pets, Mamba Noir, Beautiful Creatures, Animals Beautiful, Kobra

The king cobra (Ophiophagus hannah) is the world's longest venomous snake, with a length up to 5.6 m (18.5 ft). This species is widespread throughout Southeast Asia and parts of India, and is found mostly in forested areas. The king cobra can be fierce and agile, and can deliver a large quantity of highly potent venom in a single bite. It is one of the most dangerous and feared Asiatic snakes.

The Guoliang Tunnel Road in China is scary yet beautiful & scenic. his extremely beautiful scenic route was dubbed as “the road that does not tolerate any mistakes” and its a key destination on the Chinese tourism map. if you would visit it! Scary Places, Places To See, Scary Things, Creepy Stuff, Strange Things, Beautiful Roads, Beautiful Places, Amazing Places, Beautiful Streets

Iranian province of East Road----hormozgan ♥ Click the picture and look closely, then you will see the real wonder!!