Gips aanmaken en dan met een trechter in een ballon gieten ballon opblazen knoop er in en gips ronddraaien in ballon, drogen en ballon eraf

Plaster eggshell - How to do: Create plaster - casting plaster with a funnel in a balloon -balloon blow up - button it - balloon spinning around with plaster in it - let it dry and get off the balloon

Sloophouten paasei Valt misschien in de categorie Tuttemerul, maar is toch leuk.

Of course, if you want you can make the great transformation of the pallets or just make the simple altering of used wood into desired variant.

Easter bunnies.

Zajačiky / JaPaNa - - Handmade

Love the shape of these bunnies! Could be replicated for chocolate dioramas

Mooie krans  Voor pasen

An Easter wreath made of multicolored broken shells---so beautiful.

Easter Decorations

buy wooden bunnies at craft store, paint n tie ribbon around