glimmende steentjes en spiegels!

Learning to write: Creating letters with loose parts {from Adventures in Kindergarten: Discovery Time} Need: glass or pony beads, mirrors, index cards with letters written on them, 1 basket for beads and 1 basket for index cards,

Alphabet museum. Collections of found objects beginning with each letter... Hang on bulletin board?

Alphabet Museum

Alphabet museum: Inspired by Montessori alphabet boxes. Imagine the buzz when your students come into the classroomroom and discover a new item in the museum, or two items that have switched places overnight . excitement in learning!

Fill in the blank spelling activity for kids using playdough

Fill In The Blank Spelling with Playdough

Maybe I can use my old stamps with Playdoh instead of this nasty stamp pad .Fun way to practice making words! You could also give students a limited number of letters and a focus vowel, then see how many rhyming CVC words they could make!

Make a classroom ABC book

Alphabet Classroom, ABC Bulletin Board idea FUN idea for an ABC book (or poster) to send home with the kids! Or use the letters for a bulletin board!

Loop de letter - met schilderstape!

Painters Tape, Pergo and a Plan

Walking the S - Great kinesthetic activity for kids learning the alphabet. Works with any letter. Have child walk heel-toe, heel toe and maneuver the S like a balance beam. Special needs, preschool, kindergarten, alphabet fun