How to Build a LEGO Fidget Spinner - So cool!!! Step by step instructions #make #DIY #kids #projects #camp #fidget_spinner #activities #school #classroom #lego and the post has a video too.

How to Build a Fidget Spinner with LEGO Bricks

Have you heard of fidget spinners? Originally introduced as a fidget tool for kids with ADHD or autism spectrum disorder, they have exploded in popularity with kids everywhere! My boys heard about them from neighbor kids and wanted one of their own, so we

Super Fun Math Activity for Kinesthetic Learners

This fun math activity is perfect for kinesthetic learners!

Fun math fact activity: Get your kids up and moving and learning with this simple kinesthetic math activity!

Nine simple math tricks you’ll wish you had always known

It’s not entirely your fault if you’re terrible at math — maybe you just didn’t know the tricks to make any math problem a piece of cake! Well, now you do, because Bright Side has brought you a list of simple math tricks.

22 te gekke spelletjes voor buiten voor je kinderfeestje

22 te gekke spelletjes voor buiten voor je kinderfeestje

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