Drielandenpunt Vaals, Nederland, Duitsland en Belgie.

Drielandenpunt: one of my the coolest places I visited while abroad, where the borders of the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium meet

A delishes treat from Limburg/Holland  de "Nonnevot"

A delicious treat from Limburg/Holland de "Nonnevot"

Brand Bier advertentie Carnaval #vastelaovend #wijlre #limburg

Brand Bier advertentie Carnaval #vastelaovend #wijlre #limburg

Winselerhof, landgraaf

Hotel Winselerhof is situated on the edge of the splendid Strijthagerbeek valley.

Miners returning from work, Limburg, Netherlands, 1946. Now imagine what their lungs looked like.

Mijnwerkers uit Limburg lachend op de foto na het werk. Miners returning from work. Limburg (Dutch province), the Netherlands,