Avocado zalm Rol

Avocado and salmon rolls

Avocado and smoked salmon rolls. just nix the cream cheese. gonna try this with just salmon, lime, avocado, and sesame seeds.

Recipe for Yummy Fruit Dip and I love the set up of the fruit

Summer tea-times enjoy simple treats that go well with a tall glass of ice tea or a teacup of a warm brew. This is TeaCup Living in the summer time.

Mini Croissant Sandwiches  Sam wants turkey and cheese sandwiches

Bite-size croissant sandwiches for a tea party (idea). The website only leds to the photography place that took the shot and not a recipe. I'll keep the picture as an idea for mini tea sandwiches.

Ricotta, Chive & Tomato mini tarts for morning tea with a friend

Ricotta, Chive & Tomato mini tarts for morning tea with a friend My modifications: for 14 mins. I used Shredded asiago instead of cheddar (almost double the portion). In mini muffin tins need two sheets. I would add more chives in recipe.

Tea Sandwich Inspiration: Serving

Canaps are served at nearly every fancy party, as the glorified sandwiches tend to be a popular favorite. Ham and cheese canaps are the most commonly served, as they are cheap, easy, and qui

Avocado Salmon / Tuna Tartare

Alternative Appetizers: Avocado Salmon / Tuna Tartare

We love Annabel, this recipe looks so yum! Salmon and Avocado Towers - Quick and Easy Recipes, Organic Food Recipes, New Zealand Cooking Recipes - Annabel Langbein

Deze gezonde traktatiepauw was een groot succes! Ook de juffen vonden m geweldig. Door mamavantweejongens

Use your favorite Deviled Egg recipe, with this cute Easter themed twist! Deviled Easter Egg Chicks are a great way to get kids to try Deviled Eggs!