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a man wearing glasses and a suit is making the peace sign with his hands in front of him
OR - w0w design--- the blue is extravagant- could be used anywhere throughout the yearbook
the statue is standing in front of an abstract background with green and black lines on it
Greenada Posters
Alexandre Guimarães on Behance
a woman with white hair holding scissors in front of her face
Poster Collection Vol.7
Poster Collection Vol.7 on Behance
red and white brochure with the words fu on it
Flashing Red Templates Pack
Flashing Red Templates Pack - download freebie by Pixelbuddha
the front and back cover of a book with pink ink on it, which reads we work for women
Motion icon, Life project, Chocolate branding and more… Weekly inspiration roundup!
Motion icon, Life project, Chocolate branding and more… Weekly inspiration roundup!
a man with blue eyes on the cover of esqure magazine, looking at the camera
31 Awesome Magazine Covers – Bashooka
bruce willis
a man wearing glasses and a suit on the cover of esquir magazine, with words written all over it
Typography, Print Design, Magazine Covers, and Print image inspiration on Designspiration
Really like the curve of the text to highlight the cover image but also create interest in the main features of the issue
a man sitting on the ground in front of a wall with words all over it
Леттеринг уроки и курсы, hand-lettering tuts
the poster for rush, featuring a man's face
Ed Rush #Flyer #VJ's
the poster for switch me off featuring an image of a man with his mouth open
a woman with short hair and bangs in front of a blue geometric background that has arrows on it
magazine design- I like the cover because its kind of different and unique
a poster with a man's face in the center and lines coming out of it
Piano Series
an open book with different images and text on the front, side, and back pages