Whimsically fun star sprinkle bedecked Chocolate Spoons.

DIY Sprinkled Chocolate Party Spoons These would be awesome to add to a homemade gift basket with coffee and hot chocolate as well.

Wacky Cakes-In-A-Cone. Bake an ice cream cone for a fun treat! http://www.ivillage.com/valentine-s-day-treats-kids/3-b-75070#518381

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Funny food. LOL

Fun food idea with Fruit! Love this sweet citrus snail! Cute and easy healthy snack for kids. Turn an orange into animals.


Pirate bananas - what kid wouldn't want to find this in their lunch box?Pirates Draw a face on a banana, with eye patch and a big beard. Tie a napkin around the neck for extra tough pirate.