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a man standing next to an old airplane
P-47D 'Tipsy' 42-76520 510th FS, 405th FG Pilot Lt Harris S. Boyse.
an air plane with a skull painted on it's face and the nose is sticking out
Form Follows Function
WWII Fighter Nose Art.
Cool Boats, Ww2 Aircraft, Nose Art
black and white photograph of pilots in front of an airplane
an old black and white photo of men in uniform standing next to a plane with the words french dressing on it
“French Dressing” Crew, 381st BG, September 9,1944
an old black and white photo of a plane with the word hop written on it
#WW2 Images used on #EUCMH in the Archive #Lyndon C. Allen, #AAF Combat Tour #WW-2 Diary, #44th BG, #67th BS, #8th Army Air Force, #European Center of Military History (now processing)
an old airplane with the word frog painted on it
Slo-Jo - US Army Air Force | Gallery
an old photo of some men standing in front of a plane with the word sweet and spicy written on it
Color Pictures of World War II Bombers, Royalty Free
An Air Force navigator on B-17 "Sweet and Lovely" tosses flight bag on truck after mission. Lt. makes reports. 8th Air Force, England