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this is an image of a woman's arm with buddha tattoos on it and flowers
60 Inspirational Buddha Tattoo Ideas | Art and Design
A popping Buddha portrait and a lotus sleeve could offer much more meaning and color in your life with a quote either from Buddhism or a quote that you’ve lived with.
a woman's arm with an owl and flower tattoo design on the left side
Addition that I did to existing lotus done else where. Owl mandala piece. Call me or text me if you have any tattoo questions. 3477771774. -Oksana (at Body And Soul Tattoo) The eyes are gorgeous
a drawing of a lotus flower on a beige background with the petals still attached to it
Lotus Flower AO 08 | Tattoo Stencil – Temporary Tattoo
lotus flower on dark skin | tattoo stencil – temporary tattoo
a man with a dragon tattoo on his arm and shoulder is standing in the grass
water tattoo on Tumblr
This is the type of water design I am after