Aj Bokma

Aj Bokma

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Aj Bokma
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Hobbit like outhouse

Zobacz zdjęcie chata dla skrzata /out of the ordinary

For the lizard or snake or comodo dragon or whatever reptile

Make a Fake Rock Cave/basking Spot for a Reptile Cage.

Globe bar, yes!

Century Italian Replica Globe Bar - 21 - this one would be even better if bigger and with more intricate leg design.

LulworthCove solstice

Solstice Sun at Lulworth Cove : A southern exposure and striking symmetry made Lulworth Cove, along the Jurassic Coast of England, planet Earth a beautiful setting during December’s Solstice.

Spiral Galaxy NGC 3521

In the Center of Spiral Galaxy NGC 3521 : This huge swirling mass of stars, gas, and dust occurs near the center of a nearby spiral galaxy. Gorgeous spiral NGC 3521 is a mere 35 million light-years.

Caprice Classic Coupe 1980

Caprice Classic Coupe 1980

Caseta cerca de Hvolsv

Wikipedia picture of the day on November 30 Farm building after sunset near Hvolsvöllur Suðurland Iceland.

Fireball inbetween Orion nebula and Rigel

This image was acquired when trying to image the famous Orion Nebula, visible on the upper left. The bright blue star Rigel, part of the constellation of Orion, is visible to the right. The fireball was likely from the Taurids meteor shower.

=O Need!

Treehouses are not just for children; well built, and in the right spot, they add real value to a house, writes Caroline McGhie

1969 R/T 440 HEMI

You never know what you're gonna learn from another car lover.