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10 steps to building personas

I emphasize how important it is to really know your audience. Look at this infographic to help you understand your audience: 10 steps to building personas - understanding & appealing to your audience in a sophisticated way

User Centred Design by Pascal Raabe

An information graphic poster designed by Pascal Raabe, illustrating the hidden process of user centred design.

Cartoon #54 - UX Design by Smashing Mag - This cartoon is referring to the discussion in the community about the meaning of terms ‘UX’ and ‘UX Design’. Andy Budd presents an interesting perspective on this issue in his article “What’s in a name: The duality of user experience”.

Smashing Cartoons was a regular section on Smashing Magazine in which we used to publish a new cartoon every Friday illustrated by the one and only Ricardo Gimenes.


kind of awesommmm Interactive / Website Design and Concept for Kiss by Fiona Bennett. Work for DOJO Advertising Agency.


Lexus i think this could be a really strong concept whereby the environment changes according to the users selection on the model chooser VIP indeed