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I really like the apricot/gingery brown poodles.

I really like the apricot/gingery brown poodles. Our friends have a black standard poodle and she is so smart, sweet, and obedient.

~~ Pretty Poodle ~~ Well, here's an example of somebody who is NOT having a bad hair day! ~~I want one, in black ;)

The Standard Poodle is considered the most intelligent breed of dog. He did not ask for this hair cut. The major cause of death with poodles is shame & a sense of unreality.


So I have been looking at different dog breeds, and we have decided we will be getting a golden or poodle!

The owners of the walking miniature poodle "sushi" were beating the pup so it can stand this way. Please repin and not make a cute caption, let people aware of this. The fear in the puppy's eyes are real, poor baby!!

This little guy is sooo well-trained he finds his own time-out-corner when necessary! This is not how it is this little guy was beaten by its owners so it could stay like like that it's not cute this is animal abuse so the first comment is wrong