Ruimtepakken: schilderspakken inkorten *liestr*

Ruimtepakken: schilderspakken inkorten *liestr*

Coolest Instagram pics ever via tintading

Instagram Crush


A wooden rocket stands at the opposite end of the display.

Astronaut Craft

Lil Astronaut

Astronaut craft made from Kitchen foil, buttons, photo, clear lid, coloured card and soft pastel.

cd recycle craft spaceship

I should add that I used small styrofoam craft balls cut in half, put one half on each side of cd, then poked a craft pipe cleaner through to hold together and use to hang* Turn old CD's into flying saucers!

De wereldbol schilderen met ecoline & wasco (techniek) !

De wereldbol schilderen met ecoline & wasco (techniek) !

PAINTED PAPER: Retro Rockets

Every year we have a school wide theme in our elementary school. Everyone decorates their classroom with the same theme. This year’s theme is Space with our mission statement being- “Soaring to Su…

raket van #kartonnen #kokers. Bij hebben we altijd wel een koker voor een knutselkind.

A must for my space loving boy.DIY Cardboard Tube Space Ship by marthastewart: A great reuse for those long wrapping paper tubes.

solar system models - show to class tomorrow to inspire

To understand My place in the Universe , we need to understand our planet Earth's place in the Solar System. I created a board that coul.


An Easy DIY Geoboard for Kids: Just using an old cork pot holder, the kids are able to make their own pin designs with this simple geoboard. Push pins can help to develop the fine motor skills needed for writing.