Tessa Perlow Covers Upcycled Clothing in Embroidered Blooms

Tessa Perlow embroiders upcycled garments with bold flowers, turning ordinary tank tops and t-shirts into something spectacular. T-Shirt Custom Trends

Stitch book

How to make sample stitch book Here's the method I've devised to make the Take it Further Fiber Book and the two volumes of Take a Stitch Tuesday stitch sa

hand embroidered notebook paper and handwriting

"hand embroidered notebook paper and handwriting, but I'm still quite smitten with this sweet, simple embroidered love note"- love the idea of embroidered fabric notepaper

Vicky Lindo artist, designer and maker: My sailors left me.

Vicky Lindo artist, designer and maker: My sailors left me. My son-in-law is a sailor and we often don't give them enough credit. That can be some lonely work for all involved. What a heart felt piece this is.

Embroidered works - Jessie Chorley

Embroidered works - Jessie Chorley does lovely little paper thingies too. Ideas: Image transfer writing/print onto fabric, machine stitch lines over- quilted? Equidistant and regular ?

Basic stitches from the New Encyclopedia of Modern Sewing 1946 via Nana Company

Embroidery is a beautiful craft which includes different types of stitches. If you are a beginner looking for a tutorial on how to start embroidery with basic stitches

Kazuko Aoki

Master Collection Kazuko Aoki 09 - Embroidery Design Note of Flower - Japanese embroidery craft book (in Chinese)