volker bicycles by Don Gore (dgdraws)

Yet another sketch done on my lunch hour. The bicycle turned out kind of wonky . Fountain pen with Noodlers Polar Brown ink and watercolor added later.

Exploring Paris through children's books! Illustration by John S. Dykes [artist's website - http://www.illoz.com/jsd/?]

Going by the (Children's) Book

Exploring Paris through children's books - I love this idea! You could highlight globalization in the classroom by exploring other countries through mapping out children's books.

How to Illustrate your Notes...

organizedminimalist: “reviseordie: “How to Illustrate your Notes… If this even helps just one of you out I’ll be a very happy woman! ” There’s more than one method, folks!

Aquarel Farben : Les couleurs d'aquarelle

Great idea for watercolorists to have a 'on the go' color list of their favorite watercolors or watercolor pencils. We would suggest using the Moleskine watercolor book (heavier paper weight).

Alice and Martin Provensen - The Golden Book of Fun and Nonsense by Louis Untermeyer 1970

my vintage book collection: The Golden Book of Fun and Nonsense - illustrated by Alice & Martin Provensen

Nice travel journal

Week with new water color palette/swatch by Koi Sakura - the pocket field sketch box, 24 colors.