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I have a great-aunt who read tea leaves, and I grew up listening to my mother tell stories of her spot-on readings. It makes my mind race with a hundred questions…

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Acceptable in the 80s: Yoko Honda Takes Us Back — KNSTRCT

Potentially my new favourite illustrator, I am obsessed with Japanese artist Yoko Honda’s homages to all things Through a combination of digital painting and print, she constructs scenes of…


adamjk: a-r-t-history: Cai Guo-Qiang Sky Ladder Huiyu Island Harbour Quanzhou Fujian June 15 2015 at am one of the most beautiful things to ever have existed in this world

Huisjes - Autumn de Wilde

Lighting, Layers, and Reflections by Autumn de Wilde Autumn de Wilde is a creative director and photographer. Above are some photos taken from a portrait series of a sculptural installation inspired.

Installatie met rood draad en de frames van boten - EYEspired

Japanese artist Chiharu Shiota is behind a new installation entitled Uncertain Journey. She wanted to represent with he help of many red threads that crossed, c