5 Second Shirt Fold Trick

Here Is One Trick To Fold Your Shirts That Will Save You Some Time

Pas als je loslaat wat niet bij je past, schep je ruimte voor jezelf...

Pas als je loslaat wat niet bij je past, schep je ruimte voor jezelf...

Someone please let our school system know

The learning of facts is the dupe we are sold in the school system as education. It is training the mind deliberately NOT to think, but to repeat and reinforce

It's scary what a smile can hide.

Depression: it's scary what a smile can hide.<<< Not just depression though, what about serial killers. It really is scary what a smile can hide.

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Deze kat is enorm aan het vastdenken. Want met alleen focussen op het probleem, zie je de oplossing soms compleet over het hoofd. Bedankt voor de tip Susan!

Yep,can totally see my two cats doing this! lol So funny but apt too! Absolutely spot on and quite Jedi advice like too. Now where's my light sabre?

Soms moet je gewoon opstaan en weggaan zodat de persoon aan de andere kant van de wip op de grond valt en merkt hoe jij diegene hebt gedragen

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For the English speaking folks this wonderful and very true quote: "Sometimes you just need to stand up and leave, so the person on the other side of the seesaw falls on the ground and notices how you have been carrying him/her." - by RUMAG

One could pass this habit on to another person without trying to, it's bad enough for the one person to live with it.

over thinking is a special form of fear. this becomes worse when adding anticipation, memory, imagination, and emotion together.


NEE Zeggen als een Pro, 8 tips!

En zo is het!

Who always keeps up with the big herd will regularly run through the shit of another.

I Used To Fold My Socks Like Everyone Else, But When I Learned This Trick? GENIUS!

This could come in handy keeping socks together at a packing party or just in storage for OCC shoeboxes!