Robbin Schoenmakers

Robbin Schoenmakers

Robbin Schoenmakers
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One of the most influential people in my life introduced me to the beauty of ballet. New York City Ballet by Henry Leutwyler Ballet,Dance,Gotta Dance!

Converse x Gorillaz Chuck Taylor Fall 2012 Sneaker... | The Khooll

This photo makes the police seem very menacing and scary. The only things you see are the riot shield and guns coming through the smoke. Any human elements are hidden by masks and smoke. Hiding information makes this photo seem scary.

Shadow man

Trying to fill in someone else's shoes is futile. The person will at best be a shadow of the one who shoes they are trying to fill. It is best to have new shoes (their own) rather than live in the shadow of another

photography tips for stage 2 students

Time lapse photography can look professional and amazing - such as this one on the right of someone diving into the ocean. We include print ready photographs when you order a time lapse package with us.

The person, who is in tune with the universe, becomes like a radio receiver through which the Voice of the universe is transmitted.

My passion is not photography. I live in a colorful world, but my mind is filled with classical music and black and white photography. Disclaimer: I do not own any of the photos posted unless.