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an abstract painting of two faces with red and blue colors
You Can't Touch This - Faces 277
You Can't Touch This - Faces 277
three colorful birds are sitting on top of metal poles in front of some green plants
an abstract painting with a woman's face and green eyes iphone case by anasia art
two paper dolls standing next to each other on a doily
a blue glass sculpture in the middle of a park with trees and water behind it
Sculptures . Joe Szabo Glasswork
a light hanging from the ceiling with butterflies on it's wings and lights in the background
a stained glass napkin holder on top of a white tablecloth with red and white accents
Салфетница витражная "Ветка рябины" в интернет-магазине Ярмарка Мастеров по цене 3000 ₽ – G0CDFRU | Салфетницы, Омск - доставка по России
a mirror that is hanging on the side of a wall with candles in it and some plants
Miroirs décoratifs
a metal vase with yellow flowers in it hanging on a white wall next to a door
Naomi Brangwyn - Artists - Southwold Art Gallery, Beach Paintings, Sea Paintings, Suffolk Art, Beach Scenes
a close up of a brooch with flowers on it
many different angles and sizes of small glass objects with lights in them, all on top of each other
Which do you like?
two stained glass panels with flowers and leaves on the same panel, one in different colors
Floral Stained-glass Pattern Stock Vector - Illustration of glass, decorative: 73189047
a tall stained glass window sitting on top of a metal pole in front of a cloudy sky
Abstract - Dave Griffin - Stained Glass Artist
a stained glass ornament hanging on a wooden fence with red, green and white squares
Fall Inspired Stained Glass Flowers | Work in Progress
a red and white heart shaped brooch with a person holding it in the air