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Biscuit with pink or blue toppings. Hard to explain but we call this beschuit met muisjes. This is what we traditionally eat when a child is born, Pink for a girl and blue when its a boy.

Dutch beschuit met roze, blauwe en witte muisjes (rusk with sugared aniseed sprinkles) we serve beschuit met muisjes when a baby is born, the pink for a babygirl, blue for a babyboy.a real dutch tradition

Hollandse Nieuwe Haring. In June of every year, the "newest" herring season starts. Fish enthusiasts make a tradition to buy some each year.

'Haring happen' is a tradition in the Netherlands where you eat fish in the way it is illustrated on the picture. The Dutch poeple often eat the fish with shred unions on the market or at the fish stand.

Hagelslag (Chocolate Sprinkles). 10 Dutch Foods You Must Try In The Netherlands #Holland #food #dutch

My mum was born in the Netherlands and so I grew up with a Dutch influence. Every Christmas my Oma (grandmother) made croquettes. And as I grew up we also enjoyed other delicacies that I decided to hunt down during our stay in the motherland (literally).

This is a picture of the Elfstedentocht which would be called Eleven city trip if you translate it literally. It freezes long enough it is possible to skate an race on natural ice between 11 different cities

This is a ritual that has not been held for many years, due to weather conditions. When the ice is thick enough people will ice skate through 11 cities in Friesland.

Sinterklaas and Black Piet. This annual celebration is basically a dutch version of Santa Claus. Recently there have been a lot of discussions wether or not Black Piet is supposed to be racist. As the foreign-dutch population want to ban this tradition.

Saint Nicholas is an annual ritual that teaches children to behave well. He gives presents to the good children and the bad children go in the bag to Spain. This is the Dutch version of Santa Claus, and is also performed by parents.