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You can have beautiful outdoor spaces without spending a fortune. DIY ideas for outdoor living
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a wooden deck with a blue bowl on it and trees in the backgroud
How to Hang String Lights on A Deck
Learn how to hang string lights on a deck by attaching string light poles to the railing with this quick & easy tutorial.
the words how to hang outdoor string lights under patio
How To Hang Outdoor String Lights Under Patio
Ways To Hang Outdoor String Lights Under Patio. The nice thing with a covered space is the roof will provide some protection to the lights, and keep them from blowing around in the wind.
an outdoor cushion with the words how to paint outside cushions on it in front of some grass
DIY Painting Outdoor Cushions
How to Paint Outdoor Patio Furniture Cushions. Painting outdoor cushions is an easy and inexpensive way to give your patio furniture new life
an outdoor curtain with text overlay that says how to make an easy diy outdoor curtain
Easy DIY Windproof Outdoor Curtains
How To Make Your DIY Outdoor Curtains. Quick & Easy DIY Outdoor Curtains
a man working on a wooden ladder with drill and screwdrivers attached to it
DIY Garden Obelisk – Outdoor Projects - Kippi at Home
an outdoor rug for your patio with text overlay that reads how to choose an outdoor rug for your patio
How to Choose The Best Outdoor Rug For Your Patio
How to Choose The Best Outdoor Rug For Your Deck. Let’s talk about the reasons to use indoor/outdoor rugs and how to find the right one for your deck, porch, or patio.
the words diy house number signs are shown
How to make a DIY House Number Sign (in minutes!)
12 DIY House Number Signs, DIY House Address Sign, Street Address by @CraftivityD
a light fixture hanging from the side of a wooden structure with trees in the background
DIY Garden Trellis - Kippi at Home
Garden screen trellis DIY, Lanters solar light, knock off trellis free plans
a wooden trellis is lit up in the evening
DIY Garden trellis, Lanterns solar light, trellis free how to plans
Garden Screen Trellis As I look out my office window I see this beautiful garden screen trellis, but it has not always been a beautiful view. When I started my search for a ready-made garden screen…More
garden with 2 shade sails Gardening, Ideas, The Great Outdoors, Create, Jardin, Shades
How to Install a Shade Sail
two garage doors with the words garage door magnets before and after on top of them
Modern Garage Door Magnets (Before and After)
Update your garage in minutes with garage door magnets. In this review, learn about installation, maintenance, and durability. Garage Door Magnets Before and After | Magnetic Garage Door Hardware | Garage Door Magnetic Hardware Examples
hot tub with two people working on it and the words portable hot tub above it
An Affordable, Durable Hard Sided Portable Hot Tub? We Found it
Updated 2021. An affordable, durable, portable hot tub? Review of the Swift Current Spa from Canadian Spa Company. An almost hard sided portable hot tub that meets our high criteria - including lower price!
a bucket filled with water and rocks sitting on top of a grass covered park bench
How to Make a DIY Bubble Fountain Garden Water Feature (in an afternoon & on a budget!)
This garden water feature was a quick and easy DIY - it only took an afternoon! How to make a DIY bubble fountain for your backyard or deck. This style of fountain uses two or more pots - and has a relaxing bubbling sound and pretty waterfall effect down the sides. A lovely feature for any garden - even if you have a small budget!
How To Build A DIY Vertical Garden Wall
Build a simple DIY vertical garden for decorative succulents or modify it for vegetables, herbs, or flowers. It’s the perfect addition to any outdoor space.
a wooden box with a light on it in the grass
DIY Mailbox Tutorial - Kippi at Home