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a black plate with a white snowman painted on it and a christmas ornament hanging from the side
an orange box with a snowman face painted on it
a white plate topped with two decorated cookies and a rolled up christmas tree on top of it
Little Debbie Felt Gingerbread Christmas Ornament
a christmas tree ornament hanging from a pine tree with red and white stripes
Clay Christmas Ornaments DIY {Little Debbie Tree Cake} - A Country Girl's Life
a person is painting red and white designs on paper
DIY Little Debbie Christmas Tree Ornament | I made this adorable ornament last year using a wooden Christmas tree from Dollar Tree. All it took was a paint job and it turned out so cute! | By The Celebration Co. | Hello everyone it's Kayla with The Celebration Company who does not love those Little Debbie Christmas Tree cakes at Christmas time they are delicious and they're also so super cute so in this craft we are going to make an ornament that looks just like one of those cakes I found this cute little tree at the Dollar Tree it's part of the Christmas section and I think that it's almost the exact perfect shape for the little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes so I start by just sanding the whole thing getting the edges sanded because the edges are pretty rough and now I'm just going to paint it all in white and I'm going to be sure to do two coats so that it looks really solid and opaque. Next, I'm going to use a pencil to draw on the garland that looks very similar to a normal cake. So, if you wanted to, you could always look up a picture of this and just kind of use that as your inspiration but all of the garland just sort of matches each other. So, then, I just go in with some red paint and I'm just going to start painting that garland on and I do go over to the edges as well. Now, I'm going to be honest with you all and you'll see that I keep going over multiple times. I was using some Dollar Tree paint, some Dollar Tree acrylic paint and it was just not giving me the coverage that I wanted and the more coats that I put on, the darker the paint got and so I ended up switching to my apple barrel flag red which did a lot better and so I just ended up putting another coat of that on top and it made it look so much better. I felt it was really important that the red be really opaque because on the actual cake, the red is put on probably with some sort of bag and it's really nice and thick and of course, it's not opaque at all. So, I wanted to just keep going and get as much coverage on it as I possibly could. So, now, I'm just going to take the back of a brush and my green paint and I'm just going to make dots all over this tree. You want dots to be everywhere. So, you want 'em to be even on top of the red on a traditional cake. It is frosted first and then, it's sprinkled with the sprinkles that just go all over it. So, we don't want it to be necessarily like super patterned. You want it to be a little bit organic. So, I'm literally not even thinking about where I'm putting these. I'm just going in and placing my dots. All over it. Now, I'm going to add a hanger and I'm just using some Hobby Lobby ribbon and I'm going to make a cute little bow as well to put on it. This is just some striped ribbon from Hobby Lobby and I'm just going to hot glue it all on there. And there you have it y'all a super simple and adorable Christmas cake ornament I hope you all enjoyed this craft have a great day bye.
a bottle that has some kind of thing in it with eyes and nose on top
BRIGHT ideas for Christmas Decorations! - Emma Owl