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Glossy Lids - This glossy look is achieved by using Elizabeth Arden's 8 Hour Cream on the eyelids.

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Envy - Creepy contacts, dark eyes and lips, light brows. Try to capture the feel of a venomous snake. Not quite as angry as wrath, more like a silently lurking evil.

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Siren Song - In the spirit of Halloween, I thought it would be cool to create a siren. I want the make-up to be subtly creepy to create more of a high fashion feel instead of it being too costumey or theatrical. I'd like it to be a beauty make-up with some unusual and scary touches like the creepy contacts, the bloodred eyes, pointy ears, gills or the webbed hands.

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Wrath - Portray a hurt anger with dark lines crawling up the face and pointy, dark fingers and nails. Make the bottom liner look wet to create a teary effect.

Sloth - Laziness and messy eyeliner, like she might have not taken her make-up off before she went to bed. Focus on the darkened under eye area. Maybe use some heavy lashes to amplify the look of droopy eyes.

Pride - A combination of vanity and misplaced arrogance. Maybe use a mirror to create a vision of distorted reality like in the skeleton picture.

Lust - Glossy, sweaty, overheated. Try to keep it classy with the clothing, lean more towards fashion than nudity. The power should be in the make-up. Lushious red lips and greasy smokey eyes.

Greed - An abundance of gold, diamonds and decadence. Use gold leaf or liquid gold.