Schoonheid van de natuur

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a person standing in the middle of an autumn forest
colourful by Mübin Çetin Dağhan / 500px
a red and white flower with a butterfly on it's wing, in front of the words marion ritzen janssen
.so beautiful
the trees are growing in the rocks near the cliffs at sunset or sunrise time
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Bryce National Park ~ Utah
purple flowers are blooming on the trees and in the bushes, along with stone walkways
a bench sitting in the middle of a park with leaves falling from it and a quote written
Inspiration lane
a path in the middle of a forest with lots of leaves on it and foggy skies above
Jan's Page of Awesomeness! >.
an old wooden wheel leaning against a tree
Many Autumns by Paul Jolicoeur / 500px
Many Autumns by Paul Jolicoeur on 500px
two empty benches sitting in the middle of a field with purple flowers on it's trees
Fan favourites: Purple passion - myLusciousLife
A Perfect Place To Read
a tree that is next to a building with blue flowers growing on it's branches
A strange lonely blue tree
A strange lonely blue tree.
red berries hanging from the branches of a tree
Wat zijn ze toch mooi, die rozenbottels.
a large tree that is on top of a hill with grass growing out of it
Mooie paddestoel. Of parasol voor in de tuin! A dragon’s blood tree on Socotra, a small group of islands in the Indian Ocean.
a dirt road surrounded by trees with red and yellow leaves
Autumn Cameo Art Print by Terri Gostola
Totally reminds me of the fall car ride we went on with Grandma at the lake <3 . One day i will try to find it again, miss you! - Autumn Cameo. Cadillac, Michigan, By Terri Gostola
an orange tree with red leaves in the fall
Red Maple
autumn glory...