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Roelie Veenstra

Roelie Veenstra
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I love this Shihtzu

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There's nothing like a comfy cat bed. :)

Who doesn't love to nap on a soft, fluffy pillow? Cats certainly do, especially if the pillow is a big, warm, soft dog. Cats and dogs may not .


Labradoodles were originated in Australia.They have quiet long and healthy lifespans. Are ranked as healthiest dog breed among all dog breeds.

Did I mention how silly they are lol. They love the water so much that they will sneak in the bathroom when the kids are in the bath and hop in the tub with them and then run dripping water down the hallways. Most people would get angry but that's a silly boxer for you and I love them

Dogs vs Sprinkler - This Dogs vs. Sprinkler collection of photographs documents a series of dogs' epic battles with their warm-weather nemesis, the sprinkler.