Hexagon Packaging Inspiration

We love packaging solutions with unique shapes - like our hexagonal Rollor Packaging. Get inspired by other hexagon shaped boxes and their amazing designs!
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Unboxing a magnum Veuve Clicquot champagne bottle shipped with the Rollor Protect
The Rollor Protect in size XL allows magnum bottles to be shipped without any use of bubble wrap. It is customizable, recycled and recyclable.
three wrapped presents sitting on top of each other next to a small christmas tree with the words surprise your customers with roller packaging
This Christmas surprise your customers with Rollor Packaging!
an assortment of cardboard boxes with shoes and other items
Creative Packaging Solutions for your E-commerce Business | Rollor Packaging Designs
At Rollor Packaging, as on innovative packaging design company, we listen to every e-commerce business needs and provide high-quality protective packaging solutions. Discover how our patented solutions add value to your shipments adn enhance the overall customer experience. We are reinvinting packaging! For you!!
Amazing e-commerce unboxing experience with the Rollor Light Packaging
The Rollor Light Packaging is our most versatile packaging solution. With it, you can deliver any item in a smart unique way that is also sustainable and plastic-free. Ship shoes, jackets, multiple items or pillows!
Spring is here! Creative E-commerce Packaging
Grab the attention of your e-commerce costumers with innovative packaging that stands out while being sustainable.
Rollor Packaging Solutions for Fashion, E-commerce or Wine
Innovative packaging solutions for e-commerce deliveries
E-commerce packaging design firm Rollor Packaging has won numerous awards and accreditations. When it comes to developing and providing patented packaging solutions that defy industry norms, we are the go-to packaging supplier. With our unique sustainable unboxing experience, we aim to help businesses create memorable packaging experiences for their customers by bringing their retail environment to their homes. All the products are produced in a sustainable manner, supplied to reduce the environmental footprint of our clients. Our packaging is made in factories all over the world, including one near you.
Innovative packaging for e-commerce businesses
Our packaging solutions are all ready to ship without the need for an additional box. Just need to stick the shipping label on the Rollor, we guarantee a safe shipment and delivery. We offer multiple sizes and designs for e-commerce businesses that want to ship their products in unique packaging bringing their brand at their customers. All our packaging is customization inside and outside: print your logo, pattern, statement in any color and finish. The boxes we offer are all mono material, only made with recycled cardboard and FSC Certified Paper. Being plastic-free and only made out of cardboard the packaging is easy to dispose of after shipment, it is 100% recyclable.
Innovative Packaging Solutions for your E-commerce Business
Create a memorable unboxing experience for your customers! We help businesses create memorable packaging experience by bringing your retail environment to you customers´ home and impressing them with a unique sustainable unboxing experience. • Plastic-free & 100% recyclable • Ready to ship • Innovative design • Multiple products & sizes • Customizable, print your logo or a colourful print!
Innovative ready to ship packaging
All our packaging solutions are ready to ship without an additional box 📦 The hexagon-shaped Rollors are accepted by all couriers and we ensure safe shipment and delivery of the items inside 👔👟👜🍾
Packaging solutions for e.commerce businesses
At Rollor we offer multiple packaging solutions to create the best memorable unboxing experience. All the boxes are sustainable, plastic-free and 100% recyclable. What’s more? They are ready to be shipped, just stick the shipping label to them.
Creative Packaging for e-commerce items!
Surprise your customers with creative packaging and an impressive unboxing experience! • Multiple sizes and designs • Customizable • Plastic-free and recyclable Contact us to know more!!
Innovative e-commerce packaging in multiple sizes and designs
a sled loaded with boxes is traveling through the snow
Are you prepared with holiday packaging?
Surprise your customers with the Rollor unboxing experience! The gifting season is almost here. Set yourself apart from other traditional e-commerce packaging by using the unique Rollor. All our products are 100% recyclable, made with FSC Certified paper and very protective.
Amaze your customers with innovative sustainable packaging!
Differentiate your e-commerce brand with rollor packaging, providing an amazing unboxing experience. We love this detailed product animation our partner Smurfit Kappa made for Rollor!