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Ingeniously designed to ship small fragile items in a very protected manner. It is a sustainable plastic-free packaging solution that doesn't require any void…
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Creative Packaging for Fragile E-commerce Products | Rollor Packaging Design
Finding eco-friendly packaging for shipping fragile goods can be challenging. However, with the Rollor Protect, you have the ability to send fragile items such as candles without relying on bubble wrap or honeycomb paper.
Eyewear delivery with the Eco-friendly Rollor Protect Packaging in Size S
Discover the ultimate solution for delivering eyewear securely and responsibly with the innovative Rollor Protect in size S. Designed to provide unparalleled protection without the need for bubble wrap or void fill, Rollor Protect is not only convenient but also eco-friendly. This sustainable packaging option is 100% recyclable, reducing waste and minimizing environmental impact. Say goodbye to traditional packaging woes and embrace a greener approach to eyewear delivery with Rollor Protect.
Rollor Protect: the sustainable packaging to protect your products during shipments!
Our innovative packaging solution is made from recycled materials and is fully recyclable, making it a great choice for businesses looking to go green. Plus, our Rollor system allows for easy, fast and efficient packaging, saving you time and money on transit costs. Our packaging is available in a variety of sizes, perfect for all your shipping needs. Join the sustainability revolution today and try Rollor Protect Packaging!
E-commerce packaging
Finding a sustainable packaging solution when shipping fragile items can be challenging. With the Rollor Protect, you can ship candles or any fragile item without using bubble wrap or honeycomb paper. It is a one-piece solution, 100% recyclable and ready to ship that ensures transportation in a protective manner. Additionally, by surprising your customers with a unique unpacking, you will enhance the unboxing experience as well as your product perception.
Innovative protective packaging for fragile items like candles
Packaging is an opportunity to showcase your brand while also keeping your items safe throughout shipping. • Fully protective • No bubble wrap or honeycomb paper • 100% recyclable and Plastic-free • Unique unboxing • Ready to ship
Protective candle packaging
The picture is showing the cardboard sustainable boxes where the cosmetics will be shipped. There are three cream tubes and a cream pot. All the items can be shipped protectively in the rollor mini. Cosmetic Packaging, Cosmetics
Innovative cosmetics packaging solutions for e-commerce | Eco-friendly design by Rollor
The Rollor mini is perfect to ship fragile items in a protective and sustainable manner. The smart design fits different shaped items without needing any void fill or bubble wrap. It is designed for eyewear, electronics, cosmetics, perfumes, candles, ... any fragile item. There are different sizes available and we also offer custom sizes. This ready to ship packaging solution is plastic-free, mono-material only using a mix of recycled cardboard and FSC paper.
Cosmetics e-commerce packaging - Creative shipping box
The Rollor mini is perfect to ship fragile items in a protective and sustainable manner. • Cosmetics: creams, make up, perfume, nail polish, • Electronics • Eyewear • Candles Different sizes available for every item. Contact us
Creative packaging for cosmetics - Sustainable packaging solutions
Creative packaging for cosmetics and fragile containers • Protective design • Sustainable and 100% recyclable • One piece packaging • Multiple sizes and custom sizes FOLLOW US!
Creative Protective Packaging for fragile items - Ready to ship
A creative unboxing will enhance your products perception and customer's will be amazed by your brand! • Ready to ship boxes • Made with recycled cardboard • Biodegradable • Customization with any pattern and colors • Fun and engaging unboxing Follow us and visit our WEBSITE! #packaging #design
The picture is showing different items and the eco-friendly rollor mini packaging falling. There is a light bulb, eyewear, cosmetics and a mobile phone. Next to all these items there are 3 rollor mini boxes, showing all these items can be shipped inside. The rollors have the shipping label attached, they are accepted by couriers and we ensure safe shipment reducing the breakage rates.
The boxes can be customized as shown in the pictures, with a gradient, a solid colour, your logo, and many more Free Boxes, Branding
Rollor mini Packaging solution for e-commerce cosmetics, perfumes, electronics or eyewear
At Rollor we are in constant development and looking for new e-commerce packaging solutions. We want to provide businesses with sustainable plastic-free boxes that impress online customers when receiving their order at home. The Rollor mini is designed for fragile small items that need to be shipped in a protected manner, it doesn't need any void fill as it fits different shaped items. The cardboard is customizable so that you can place your branding or logo. Switch to Rollor!
Sustainable packaging Rollor mini for cosmetics, electronics or jewelry
Start shipping your fragile items in the Rollor mini and boost your customer experience. Thanks to its unique strong design, the items placed inside the inner container are fully protected, making sure your precious items don't break. - Smart protective design - Memorable unboxing experience - Plastic-free and biodegradable Follow us and check our website!!
the packaging is designed to look like it's being made out of cardboard and paper
Innovative & creative packaging idea to ship items in a protective manner - Rollor Packaging Design
For e-commerce businesses the unboxing experience is a crucial event that helps engaging with your customer and share your brand values with them. With the Rollor Bottle you can ship fragile items in a protected manner without any use of plastics. It is 100% recyclable and fully customizable. Rollor Packaging is an award-winning, innovative e-commerce packaging design company. We develop and supply unique, patented packaging solutions to companies around the world. #packagingdesign #idea #b2b
when you make your customers get an amazing unfolding experience you can expect repeat purchases and increase revenues, this is what rollor packaging guarantees you with with sustainable innovative packaging Hexagon Packaging, Protective Eyewear, Perfume Packaging, Eye Wear, Sustainable Packaging
Rollor mini for eco-friendly creative unboxing experiences - Rollor Packaging solutions
The Rollor mini is perfect to ship fragile items in a protective and sustainable manner. It is designed for: - Eye wear - Electronics - Cosmetics - Perfumes - Different shaped fragile containers By providing an outstanding unboxing experience your items will have an added value to your customer's order and your brand perception. #packaging #packagingsolution #ecommerce #design #inspiration #b2b #sustainable
Rollor mini for eco-friendly creative unboxing experiences
The Rollor mini is perfect to ship fragile items in a protective and sustainable manner. • Eye wear • Electronics • Cosmetics • Perfumes • Every shaped fragile container