Amsterdam light sculptures

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Here is another amazing artwork installation called "Addiction"!
The artist has depicted person sitting on a bench, engrossed in their phone, their body is physcially there while their minds and spirits are distracted in their own world. The simplicity of the artwork is truly powerful as it invites us to sit with the installation and reflect on ourselves. We often find ourselves in this position, waiting to be captured by the addictive nature of technology.
Experience the magic of the Amsterdam Light Festival with our guided tour!
Witness the city transform into a wonder of lights with over 20 technology and AI-inspired artworks on display. Best seen from a small boat, our tours bridge the gap between the artist and the artwork, analyzing each piece's meaning and thought process. Book now through our website and make the most of this unforgettable festival! #Amsterdamlightfestival #amsterdamboat #canalsamsterdam sterdam
Are you ready to witness Amsterdam transform into a wonder of lights?
In just a few weeks, the Amsterdam Light Festival will be here, featuring more than 20 artworks centered around the theme of technology and AI. With the theme being "loading," you can expect to be amazed by the innovative and creative art pieces on display.
the sun is setting over a canal with boats parked along it and some buildings on both sides
Amsterdam after sunset
To remind you and myself of the beauty all around us every day. Have a lovely evening. #canals #romantictouramsterdam #amsterdam #eveningamsterdam
a tree with lots of white flowers in the middle of a grassy area next to a sidewalk
Amsterdam in Full spring.
Look at this tree fully blossoming. Enjoy the spring of Amsterdam Do you know where this tree is? Let me know below…… #springamsterdam #amsterdamgudie #romantictouramsterdam