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Easy Vegan Spelt Bread |, The World's Largest Collection of Vegetarian Recipes

3 cups whole or light spelt flour (organic, of course!) cup raw sugar, or brown sugar tablespoon sea salt 3 teaspoons dry yeast 1 cups warm water a handful of: flax, sesame, sunflower seeds (any or all)

HCLF VEGAN BROWNIES - oil & gluten free simple recipe (without the oil &...

-ingredients- 1 cup buckwheat (or other) flour cup sugar cup cocoa powder baking powder 1 cup dairy free milk 1 tbsp flax/chia seeds + 3 tbsp .

16 Vegan One-Pot Recipes If You Are Considering Cutting Animals Out Of Your Diet

Nowadays many people are deciding to cut back on their consumption of meat and other animal products. There are a few reasons for this, including numerous health concerns, a compassionate stance on animal welfare, and negative environmental implications.

Veggieful: Vegan Big Mac Recipe

Veggieful: Vegan Big Mac Recipe Being Vegan seems to have become more popular within the last couple years. This vegan recipe is to take the place of McDonalds Big mac burger, but does not contain any animal products.