Fun Math Games

Grade Gridiron: Slides and Ladders multiplication game. The link to this is dead but I think it could be easily replicated.

I absolutely love this site!!  Following directions, mathematics, dance and more.  This is wonderful for kinesthetic learners!!

Math + Dancing = TOTAL FAILURE Integrating dance into the math curriculum to teach basic skills

Roll up hopscotch mat :: fun for indoors during the winter.

Kids Décor Hopscotch Mat A great game to teach co-ordination, balance and counting. Enjoy at home or take to the park, easy to store and pack away. **Features:** * Hessian hopscotch mat * Measures: x **Please note - the bean bag is not included.

* Matrix: zelf maken!

étiquettes pour le jeu du tableau - print off plain cubes and label with shape names and colour names (no pictures), students have to match up with the grid

Hands-On Math: Multiplication Game

Hands-On Math: Multiplication Game

Easy to make multiplication game invites kids to use whole body learning as they high five their way to memorizing multiplication tables.

Vliegenmepper wie slaat het eerst op het juiste cijfer?

think I would do this with the letters spread out on the floor rather than a sheet of paper, but what a fun idea!