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a hand drawn poster with the words those lazy, hazy days of summer
@Amanda Haus Hey, I finally figured out how to get the "Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Summer" song out of our heads - just sing the "Small World" song over and over for the next forty-eight hours. Of course, how to get the "Small World" song out of our heads, I have not worked out yet.
the water is crystal clear and blue with words that say, happiness is crystal clear ocean water
Happiness is… crystal clear ocean water. – VISUAL STATEMENTS® - Modern
Happiness is... crystal clear ocean water. - VISUAL STATEMENTS®#clear #crystal #happiness #ocean #statements #visual #water
the words sea you soon are in front of an image of waves on the beach
Surf - Rashguards De Wakeboard Femme / Maillots De Bain Femme : Mode
Sea you soon
i find my happiness where the sun shines written in black ink on white paper
Kinder Kids (Gr. 98-134) Minni Maus | Micky Maus Short
Happy 1st day of Summer! You'll have about 14 hours and 55 minutes of daylight today-- Enjoy! 😎☀️
the words all we have is now written in red ink on a pink paper background
all we have is now
Jede Sekunde des Nichtstuns ist veschenckt und unwiederbringlich vorbei
the words sandy toes, sunkied nose are in front of an ocean wave and blue sky
99+ Beach Quotes for Awesome Summer
Best Motivational Quotes Collection
the words surf the waves written in black ink on a white background
A picture is worth a 1000 words, these inspire me
I like how each word is typed onto a different line and how small and dainty the font is
people are walking on the beach with surfboards under a pink sky that says, now you see
the words oh hey vacay are painted in different colors
Oh hey vacay 🌴 #internationalwomensday #vacay #typography #words
the phrase on friday written in black ink with palm trees behind it, against a pink background
Last day in studio today lovers Let's get it done x See my website homepage for full vacay gif action
the words have the time of your life written in red and yellow on a blue background
Gracious and Grateful
a sign that says stay close to people who feel like sunshinene
the words food, friends, and sunshine are written in pink
Typography Quotes for your Inspiration | 67
Inspiring and strong typography quotes can be an efficient solution for your workspace decoration. You can keep yourself motivated with style. Here at...
the words here comes the sun written in black ink
here comes the sun quote
a neon sign that says let the good times roll
Memorial Weekend Vibes 💕 #LifeClothingco